Marine Measurements have three decades of experience using 3 dimensional  measuring systems. 
Providing shipyards, naval architects, engineers, government agencies, international sailing authorities, with accurate data, 3D models and documentation. 

Using Laser Trackers, Laser Scaners, Total Staions and Measurings Arms, our projects range from the Olympic games to large engine rooms, naval ships, ships, tugs, barges, engine rooms, pleasure craft, race boats and R&D crafts.

Ideal for:

• Hull Modifications                                            • Digital Ship Survey
•  Structural Analysis                                         • Engine Room Documentation
• Reverse Engineering                                       • Engine Room Piping
• Ship Checks                                                        • Module Alignments
• Lost or Missing Drawings                             • Vessel Hydrostatics
• CFD                                                                       • Docking plans