Laser scanning is an accurate and effcient way to  collect large amounts of real world data or "as-is" data.

Marine Measurements uses medium range laser scanners, hand scanners, measuring arms (scan, probe) and total stations.

Intruments can be used in combination to  produce millimeter and sub millimeter accuracies.

Collected data can  be processed into diffrent deliverables and formats to suite your needs.

Marine Measurements can deliver 3D surfaces, NURS,  lines,  clean point clouds,  STL (3d printing files), or files for inspection.

A few uses:

 • Lost or missing Drawings           • Surface Modeling, IGES, STP           • Engine Room Clash Detection
 • Reverse Engineering                     • Hull Stations and Offsets               • CFD Analysis
 • Hydrostatics and VPP                  • Digital Hull Survey                              •  Structural Analysis 3D Laser scan Perform 
 • As-is Documentation                   • Retro Fitting                                         • Reconstruction