Requirements for ORR and IRC in Water Measurements

The yacht is set up in what is known as “Measurement Tim” or Empty.

For ORR: Freeboards at the bow and stern they are measured to the water plane. These show the displacement, wetted surface and trim.

Inclining is done by placing a spinnaker pole on each side deck and moving weight from one side to the other. Inclining shows the stability or righting moment of the vessel.

The timing 2 to 3 hours to complete, unless there is a problem due wind or waves.

 Below Decks:
1.                 All water tanks must be empty

2.                 Cruiser boats, fuel maybe empty or full.

3.                 Ballast, batteries shall be secured.

4.                 Bilges, sinks, heads, and other areas were water may collect shall be dry.

5.                 Mattresses shall be in their normal place.

6.                 All sails and personal; gear, provisions, clothing, foul weather gear, paint fenders, warps,                        liferaft,books,  spare parts etc have to be removed.

7.                 Center board shall be fully raise.

8.                 Any part of the yacht that is left on during measurement shall remain on for racing.

  Above Decks:
1.                 Black band shall be painted on spars.

2.                 Halyards are led to the foot of the mast and returned to the winches or sailing positions.

3.                 The boom is centered at its lowest sailing position, secured against movement.

4.                 The mast is in its normal sailing position.

5.                 Spinnaker poles are on deck in the normal sailing positions.

6.                 Radar and pole, is your choice but cannot be removed for racing.

When the yacht is ready for measurement a time can be arranged, in a sheltered place and calm winds.

Conditions tend to be most favorable, early in the morning or later in the evening.